Thoughts of the soul #poetry #mindset #soulrebelthoughts

Look in the eyes of a soul rebel.

Filled with determination and fire, giving up was never written in my story.

Speak volumes to your mind daily….

I will prosper.

My mindset is my kingdom.

My hustle is mine.

Creating the blueprint to my future is the mission at stake.

The Rhythm of a Heart #poetry #soulrebelthoughts #love

Two hearts united from a far

A love so strong that their beats begin to follow the same rhythm

Looking into the night sky, they can feel each other’s presence

Genuine love has the power to shift our entire atmosphere.

It captures our mental state and places focus on our hearts deepest desires

Not a moment to be wasted

Unstoppable thoughts of what could be

Relentless planning for it to one day be a reality

The connection feels within reach yet so far

A chemistry that will forever simmer in the pits of genuine love

Just A Morning Moment #poetry #justathought #soulrebelthoughts #love

The sun begins to peek above the mountain tops

It’s light crushes the darkness of the room where she lays

A reflection of her beauty pauses time….Pure silence sweeps the atmosphere

No movement, no pain, no worries….Just her

Is it imagination or reality?

The breathtaking, sweet scent is so real

Time unpauses, I lie down beside her

Softly, I run my fingers through her hair capturing every bit of the moment

Suddenly, she feels the connection, and turns towards me

We lock eyes, hearts skipping beats, short breaths

Every second that passes, the passion increases

I place my other hand lightly behind her ear, close my eyes, and pull her towards me

One tender kiss on the forehead, one swiftly on the lips


All thoughts erased, risen heat in my bones

I open my eyes, and she is looking into my soul

No words to express….Just a morning moment

The Road To Her….Love #poetry

Love doesn’t know time, only the body

In the midst of the night, I hear her whisper

Soft and faint as if she were next to me….love

Passion, desire, breaking down walls to reach her

Running through rain drops, sprinting in a storm, gasping until I reach her….love

One touch, one kiss, her sound, her scent

You hold tight until the feeling has left the grip of your fingers, yet you still won’t let go…love

They all call you crazy, quit dreaming, wake up!

But it’s ever so real

Her breath sends shocks through your veins, her stare is paralyzing…love

Do you ignore the rapid beat in your chest or the heat in your palms?

A road full of pitfalls, a journey marked with crossroads, but never cease to find her…love

The Penetrable Solidity of Life #poetry

Life is like wet sand on the shore. On the surface everything looks solid, held together, minor defects, but one stab into the surface causes a leak.

The leak continues until something washes over and makes the surface whole again.

Waves of life enter and then release back into existence, issues from left and right, but everything can still seem solid on the surface.

Wind breaks, fog in the distant scenery, but the only sound that reaches the eardrum is the crisp air deflecting off the waves.

Alone yet surrounded. Peace during chaos. Hold strong to keep from breaking.

The solidity of the surface is only an appearance to the natural eye

But the moments of life still remain penetrable